JacoChat is a simple chatting application. It works by bouncing packets off of a server application I have running on my home computer (part of JacoChat) and sending them to all those connected. To view a list of commands you can use, type help and press enter in the client. The client comes in two forms, TUI and GUI. The GUI is cleaner, but it is newer and has a few bugs. The server is TUI only, and you can host a server on your own IP (you must enable port forwarding on that port).

JacoChat is a MisirianSoft production. For other great MisirianSoft applications visit JacOS.codeplex.com, JaCrypt.codeplex.com, and JacoLib.codeplex.com.

JacoChat uses JacoLib, making C# developement easier and cleaner. JacoLib.codeplex.com

-Jacob Misirian (JacOS.codeplex.com, Member of Int0x10.com/forums)

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